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This Web site is an introduction to the Memories of Larne Facebook Group and is also an archive for some material that Facebook can't handle very well.

If you are from Larne, or its surroundings, The Memories of Larne Facebook Group will help put you in touch with your past – old friends and family, classmates, colleagues and, of course, the breathtaking landscapes. In addition to the lively discussion, there are well over five thousand photos contributed by members of the group depicting all aspects of life in the borough over the last century or more.


To interact with the group, you have sign-up as a member. Obviously, you have to have a Facebook account. When you request membership using the "Join Group" button, you will receive an email to tell you that your membership has been accepted and then you will be able to read all the craic and upload you own photos and movies. To keep things running smoothly, we would ask that you review the Posting Guidelines.


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Town Map 1903
Historic Larne