About Memories of Larne

The idea for Memories of Larne came from Fiona Kelly Holland and Stella Richards way back in August 2008. Over a pot of tea, they discussed how their precious childhood memories could be shared with others and it occurred to them that a Facebook Group would be an ideal way - so Memories of Larne was born. Well over 7000 people have joined MOL from all around the World and we have an awesome repository of photographs.

About the Admins

It's the admin's job is to make sure that Memories of Larne runs smoothly. They welcome new members aboard and give advice about how to upload photos and movies.

Every week, or so, a new banner photo is chosen from ones uploaded by members and put in pride of place at the top of the page.

As referees, they make sure that everybody plays fair and treats all the other members respectfully. It is not unknown for the odd 'red card' to be handed out when 'fouls' are committed!

Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly is our resident history expert. He is a member of the Larne and District Folklore Society and has a substantial library of local literature and images.

Fiona Kelly Holland

Fiona has fond memories of her childhood in Larne. Although she moved away to Belfast in 1974 , having closed her Girlie Boutique business in Pound Street, she returned to live in Larne in 2001 and enjoys power walking along the Coast Road.

Joe Gillespie

Joe left Larne in 1968 to study Graphic Design in London and was in on the computer fad right from the beginning. If you have any technical problems with Facebook, he's yer man.

The Admins - Liam, Fiona and Joe
Liam, Fiona and Joe - The Admins, July 2012