Big Tam

Ach boys o' dear but he's sadly missed
Is big Tam.
For he had iverything a good human possessed
Had Big Tam.
He knowed iverybody - man woman and child,
He had carried the Postbag for many a mile,
He aye had a good word and kindly smile,
Had Big Tam.

There wasnae a topic you couldnae discuss
Wi' Big Tam.
And once be got started - then listen you must,
To Big Tam.
He had such a great knowledge o' men and affairs,
0' the arrogant wealthy - the poor peasant's cares,
I'm sure the Almighty accepted the prayers
0' Big Tam.

He used to come danderin' down the school brae
Did Big Tam.
He'd stop - for he aye had something to say
Had Big Tam.
Religion or Politics, Poetry or Law,
He could quote you from Shakespeare, Burns,
Milton or Shaw.
Gray's Elegy, Omar - aye he'd read them a'
Had Big Tam.

In the clay o' Kilwaughter he peacefully rests,
Does Big Tam.
How I miss the companionship, drollery and jests;
0' Big Tam.
Who knows - but some day I might get a surprise,
When the last Trumpet beckons us all to 'arise'
And the first one I meet as I open my eyes...
Is ... Big Tam.

John Clifford (1969)

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John Clifford