Coortin in the Plantin'

'Twas from the hirin' fair in Larne
As homeward I was jauntin'
I came across a bonny lass,
Afore I reached the plantin'.


Wi' a riddle-me, riddle-me, riddle-me-ree,
Riddle-me, riddle-me-re-me-ree,

Says I, "Hallo my bonnie wee lass"
Says she, "What is't you're wantin'? "
"Ach jist tae houl' yer han', says I, "
"And convoy you through the plantin'."


Says I, "You've got an angel's face,"
"Ach gwon," says she, "You're rantin',"
'Twas plain to see that soon we'd be
A-coortin' in the plantin'.


So hand in hand we dallied on
A love-song gaily chantin',
'Twas pure delight to us that night,
A-coortin' in the plantin'.


We sat upon a mossy bank,
The moonbeams on us slantin',
I whispered three wee words to her,
Then kissed her in the plantin'.


Since then we've travelled far and wide,
Seen wealth and beauty flauntin',
But I'll ne'er forget that night we met.
And coorted in the plantin'.

John Clifford (1940)

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John Clifford

This is a song sung to the same tune as "The Ballynure Ballad"