Posting Guidelines

As the title suggest, The Memories of Larne Facebook Group is for sharing memories of your town and its people. Members are spread all across the World but many still live there and love to talk about their schools, their jobs and their friends and see the stunning photographs taken by some of our very talented photographers..

Firstly, we would ask that you try to stay on-topic - Memories of Larne. There are other places to talk about current events and general things on the Web including your own Facebook wall. Unrelated topics will be removed.

As you are well aware, in Northern Ireland, there are certain sensitive subjects and it is oh so easy to offend people unintentionally. Please make sure that anything you post cannot be taken 'the wrong way'. Avoid subjects that are political, religious or sectarian as they are bound to offend someone. We will not help to perpetuate traditional animosities in the community. The admin team will remove any comments or photos that they consider to be insensitive, intimadatory or provocative.

Posting Photos and Movies

Facebook can handle individual photos, photo albums and videos from the "Add photo/video" menu item near the top of the page.

add photo

When you click on 'Add Photo/Video" you get a choice to Upload (a single) photo or video, use a web cam or create a photo album.

upload photo

Add some text to appear with you photo just as if you were posting an ordinary message. Use the 'Browse' button to find the photo that you want to upload on your hard disk.

select photo

When you have selected the photo on you hard disk, click on 'Post' to put it on MOL. post photo

You should now be able to see your photo on the MOL page. If it doesn't look right (too small, sideways, crooked etc.) you can delete the entire posting from the drop-down menu at the top right hand corner of the post and try again.

With "Create Photo Album", you can upload multiple related photos all at the same time and they are displayed within a gallery instead of as multiple individual postings. You can add more photos to that album by visiting the album via the "Photos" tab and using "Add Photos" on the relevant album page. There is a limit of one thousand photos per album!

The size of photos uploaded is important. Some people upload photos that are too small and difficult for people to see. Don't worry about them being too big as Facebook will downsize them appropriately. Make sure your photos are the right way up, not upside down or sideways.

We regularly change the banner image at the top of the page and if you would like your photos to be considered for this prime position, they need to be the right size and shape. Just have a look at what is there at the minute!

Note: Most photos will benefit from a bit of tweaking before posting. Is that horizon crooked, is the picture too light or too dark, does it need cropped? If you can't afford the expense or time to learn Photoshop, Google Picasa will do everything you want and it is absolutely free. There, you have no excuse now!

If you need any help with technical stuff, send Joe Gillespie a personal message.

To avoid legal repercussions, don't post material that is subject to copyright. This means pictures taken from other sites or scanned from books etc.


Sorry, we do not now allow advertising of any kind on Memories of Larne. We have had complaints about annoucements and notices made in the past and members felt that they were being 'spammed'. Photos from members who are professional photographers can contain a very discrete credit or copyright notice but if it is considerd to be too prominent, it will be removed.