LARNE - from Belfast and Provence of Ulster Directory 1863-64

Larne, a market town and seaport in County Antrim is seventeen miles from Belfast, nine miles North from Carrickfergus, lying on the road from Glenarm to Belfast, at the head of Lough Larne, on the coast of the North Channel, in the Irish Sea. The town, which was originally called Inver, is divided into the old and new towns - the later consisting chiefly of one long and rectangular street, the houses of which are of stone, and well built; but the streets of the other section are neither so spacious nor so well paved. On a peninsula, called The Curran, stands the ruins of Olderfleet Castle; and on the road to it are the remains of a little chapel called Drumalas. The castle is supposed to have been erected by one of the Bissetts, a powerful Scotch family, in the reign of Henry III. At this spot, Edward Bruce landed in 1315, with the design of making himself the King of Ireland, causing much bloodshed, and producing many calamities to the English settlers in this part of the kingdom.

The trade of the Port of Larne has been gradually improving for the last few years. The import of foreign grain would average thirty cargoes yearly, yielding an annual revenue of £1,700. The exports are lime, limestone, whiting, beans, flour, oats, barley, pork and butter; it has been said the fourth part of all the beans exported from Ireland are shipped at the port of Larne. The shipping belonging to the port numbers upwards of 100 vessels. There are some good quays on both sides of the Lough, about a mile from the town, the water not being of sufficient depth to float vessels further up.

The linen and bleaching business is carried on. The neighbourhood is pleasant, and the land of the district fertile. Several handsome houses have been erected in the town and neighbourhood. A large and commodious market-place was built in 1864, near the railway station, occupying an acre of ground, for the sale of farm produce. The butter and pork weekly market is held on Wednesday. In the Summer season, Larne receives many visitants, attracted by its advantages as a salubrious retreat and well adapted bathing-place. Petty Sessions are held every alternate week. The church was repaired and much altered in 1819, previous to which it had some specimens of ancient architecture. The other places of worship are three Presbyterian churches, One neat Wesleyan Methodist chapel and a Roman Catholic Chapel, rebuilt in 1858. Two very handsome mission-houses have been built and endowed by Mr. John Getty, of Belfast. The town was lighted with gas in 1851. There is an excellent market each Wednesday for pork, butter, grain and potatoes. The monthly market is held for the sale of black cattle, horses, sheep, pigs &c., on the second Thursday of each month. Fairs, July 31st and December 1st. The railway was opened from Carrickfergus to Larne in October, 1864, and it is expected that arrangements will be entered into shortly for the conveyance of the mail to and from Carrickfergus to Larne by the railway. Population in 1861, 2,768.

Post-office - James Reid, postmaster
Custom-house - Newtown - Daniel Sherriff, sub-collector
Union Workhouse - J. M. McCrmick, clerk and returning-officer; John Roddy, master; Mrs Suffern, matron; Wm. Austin, school-master; Miss Patman, mistress; S. J. Smylie, receiving officer.
Fever Hospital - Charles Ferris, attending surgeon
Belfast Banking Company (branch) - Alex. Williams, manager
Established Church - Rev. Charlers Elrington McCay, rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Dr. H. W. Molyneux, minister
Presbyterian (Unitarian) Church - Rev. Classon Porter, minister
Presbyterian (Seceding) Church - Re. John McMurray, minister
Methodist Chapel - ministers various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev F. McKenna, P.P.
Larne Model Agricultural and National School - Wm. Hay, teacher
Female National School - Mrs. Rankin, teacher
Infant National School - Miss McManus, teacher
Congregational School - James G. Davidson, teacher
Parochial School - Miss Cunningham, teacher

Agnew, Misses
Agnew, R.S., Seaview
Agnew, Jas., D.L. J.P., Cairncastle
Agnew, William, J.P. Kilwaughter Castle
Barklie, Thomas, Inver
Batt, Samual H.
Beatie, Daniel McN., Hillmount
Burke, Alexander
Casement, E. McG., J.P., Invermore
Chichester, Arthur, Ballysnod
Chichester, Samuel, Browndodd
Darcus, S., Gardenmore
Johnston, George B., J.P. Glynn
Maccaulay, John
McCormick, James M., Ardmore
McGarel, Charles, D.L., J.p., Magheramourne
McNeill, Malcom, The Curran
Williams, Alexander

Campbell, Rev. Wm., Islandmagee
Ferris, C., surgeon and apothecary
Lynar, Rev .W.K.., rector, Islandmagee
Molyneux, Rev. Henry Wm., D.D. Presbyterian minister
McCay, Rev. Chas. Elrington, rector
McComb, Hugh, surgeon and apothecary
McKenna, Rev. Francis, P.P.
McMurray, Rev. John, Presbytarian minister
McNeill, Wm., Attorney\Porter, REv. Classon
Shaw, Rev. R. H. Islandmagee
Stewart, R., Surgeon and apothecary
Ward, Rev. C., Cairncastle and Kilwaughter
Whiteford, Rev. James, Raloo
Waterson, Rev. F. W., Glynn

Abernethy, Jas., lodging-house and haberdasher
Adair, James, grocer
Agnew, Robert, smith, grocer and hardware merchant
Baine, George, baker
Barklie, J. & A., linen merchants
Beggs, Hugh, painter and glazier
Bell, Mrs. painter and glazier
Blair, Robert, barber
Boyd, Jane, earthenware dealer
Boyd, J. T. & Co,. linen and woollendrapers and straw bonnet manufacturers
Brown, Mrs., grocer
Burns, John, boot and shoemaker
Carson, Wm., assistant manager, Inver Mills
Cooch, Mrs., woollendraper
Craig, James, grocer and publican
Crawford and Nelson, woollendrapers and stamp distributers
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant
Cunningham, Isabella, grocer
Dale, Wm. & Co., grocers and hardware merchants
Dixon, Thomas, timber merchants and ironmongers
Duff, Bernard, tailor and clothier
Eccles, Wm., accounts, agent for court-house
English, Robert, tailor and grocer
Ferris, Charles, plasterer
Ferris, Samuel, tanner
Fitzsimons, M., sanitary inspector
Fitzsimons, Mrs, dressmaker
Fleming, Alexander
Foster, Edwd., grocer and hardware merchant
Gawn, John, teacher and town clerk
Giffen, George B., bootmaker, &c.
Girvan, John, grocer
Girvin, James, grocer
Graham, Gawn, saddler and harness maker
Hamilton, Alex., grocer and hardware merchant
Hamilton, John, grain and butter merchant, miller and grocer
Hamilton, James, publican, grocer and hardware merchant
Harvey, mrs., grocer
Holden, Thomas, spirit-dealer
Holden, The Misses, grocers
Ingham, Mr, linen-yarn bleacher, Millbrook
Jackson, Mrs., victualler
Jackson, Mrs., hardware and ironmongery
Kane, Mrs., linen and woollendraper
Kelly, Henry, tailor and clothier
Kennedy, Patrick, mechanic and general smith
Legg, Bernard, baker
Maccauley, Robert, & Sons, grain merchants and millers, Inver Mills
Magill, Matthew, innkeeper
Meharg, Samuel, ironmonger
McAlister, Randal, tin-plate worker and bellhanger
McAlister, Patrick, publican
McCalmont, J., & Brother, printers
McCay, John, publican and posting establishment
McCloy, D., grocer, leather seller and builder
McComb, Hugh, ship agent
McDowell, Alex., saddler, grocer and leather merchant
McDowell, John, grocer
McFadden, James, grocer, hardware merchant and ironmonger
McGarel, C, proprietor of Magheramorne Lime Works
McGavock, John, grain, butter and kelp merchant and spirit dealer
McGivern, Felix, baker
McGregor, Peter, manager, gas works
McKissock, John & James, boat builders
McMeekan, George, nailor
McNeil, H., publican
McNinch, John, grocer
McQuillan, Thomas, grocer
Nairn, John A., woollendraper and silk merchant
Nichol, Malcom, boot and shoemaker, and leather seller
Orr, John, boot and shoemaker
Owens, Alexander, plasterer
Petrio, W., butcher
Reid, James, printer, bookseller &c.
Reid, james, grocer and lodgings
Richey, John, baker
Rodgers, John, carpenter and builder
Rogers, Miss, milliner and dressmaker
Ross, James, clothier, dyer, &c.
Ross, John, Larne Flour Mills
Ross, John, high constable, Glenarm
Russell, John, tailor
Saunderson, Margaret, grocer
Shaw, Henry, Cairncastle
Sheriff, D., sub-collector of customs
Small, David, cabinetmaker
Smiley, John, grain and coal merchants, and agents for Lloyd's
Smyth, George, boot and shoemaker and leather cutter
Smyth, Adam, boot and shoemaker and leather seller
Stewart, Miss, King's Arms Hotel
Thompson, John, sawyer
Thompson, Mrs., private school
Thompson, Mrs., bonnetmaker
Thompson, Wm., linen and woollendraper, and earthenware dealer
Turner, James, watchmaker
Turner, Miss, dressmaker
Walker, J., saddler
Wiles, Francis, grocer

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Transcribed from a 150 year old trade directory, this text gives a potted history of Larne and an insight into the kinds of businesses there were. Note that there are many familiar names!