Matt Meharg

An appreciation by Joe Gillespie

Matt Meharg and his brothers Bobby, Johnny and Davey, ran a garage business at Ballyboley, which also housed a fine collection of vintage bicycles, but it is for his folk poetry that Matt is probably best known - "The Bard of Ballyboley".

As a lad, I would often see Matt get up to 'do a turn' at concerts in and around Larne where he was always greeted with great cheer. Dressed in a fine suit, he recited his poems whilst rocking backwards and forwards on the stage on his tippy toes. On occasions, he would forget his words and would look down at the floor. You could see his lips move as he wound back and took a run at the verse again from the beginning. Then, he would look up again and continue from where he left off. He never wrote his poems down, they were all in his head and if you were to hire Matt's taxi, you would be treated to a private performance for most of the journey.

Matt pedalling his penny-farthing tricycle
matts bicycle

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Matt Meharg
Matt Meharg

We hope to be able to get hold some of Matt's poems and will publish them if and when.