The Oul' Cairn Road

Though many years I've wandered far, and many sights I've seen,
In fancy I retrace my steps to places I have been.
But evermore I find myself at my sweet love's abode,
Where dwelt the bonny blue eyed Jean-along the oul' Cairn Road.

There is no pomp nor splendour there to coax the Poet's pen,
But ah - what lovely maidens rare and sturdy honest men.
A rugged piece of Erin's Isle, where Nature reigns supreme,
Where Jean and I have often roamed, lost in a lover's dream.

The rapturous joy of that enchanted night when first we met.
The moon, the stars, they all had fled, it seemed the whole world slept.
In silent ecstasy we stood afraid-not knowing why,
Yet finding joy and comfort in the language of a sigh.

I felt her little velvet hand creep shyly into mine.
And from her sweet young face I saw her eyes with lovelight shine.
I yearned to speak a thousand words I knew she longed to hear,
I stooped - and from her upturned cheek I kissed away a tear.

It seemed as though a million years had passed us in their flight,
Such were the mysteries revealed to us that wondrous night.
Our youthful hearts full to the brim - with love had overflowed,
And heaven came to us that night-along the oul' Cairn Road.

Nor ladies grand from other lands, nor towns nor cities gay,
Have won me by their flaunted guile, nor stole my heart away.
In fancy I will always fly to my sweet love's abode.
In every dream-I'll walk with Jean, along the oul' Cairn Road.

John Clifford (1961)

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John Clifford

The Cairn Road runs through the Commons near the Snowy Glen on the Carrickfergus Road, Co Antrim. J.C.