Where the Sixmilewater flows

As I went out a-rambling in the merry month of June.
The skylarks fluttered on the wing and Heav'nly was their tune.
The yellow primrose smiled at me, likewise the bramble rose.
And I stood there enchanted where "The Sixmilewater flows."

Oh the County of Fermanagh has it's lovely lakes I'm told
And on Lough Neagh I've heard them say, the waters shine like gold.
The Poets praise the River Bann as you may well suppose.
None can compare the beauty - where "The Sixmilewater flows."

It wanders gaily on its way through meadows lush and green,
Its magic and its beauty are by mortals seldom seen.
There's music born at every turn As merrily it goes,
Sure Angels fair must linger where "The Sixmilewater flows."

If only I had gifted been To wield the Poet's pen
I would not honour Kings and Queens, Nor praise heroic men.
Instead I'd fan the sacred flame Within my heart that glows.
I'd write a prayer entitled. "Where the Sixmilewater flows."

One day I'll leave this world behind .As you might understand.
My soul will be transported To some strange enchanted land.
If this should be, 'tis plain to me - for this I surely know,
A part of me will always be "Where the Sixmilewater flows."

John Clifford (1971)

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John Clifford

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