The Language of Larne

aar hour/are/our
afeart afraid - she was afeart o' going tae the dentist
aifter after, chase
ain own
amn't am not ie I'm working today, amn'ta? (aren't I)
auld doll older woman
ay (aye) yes
bairn young child
bake mouth
beezer see weeker
Bellamena Ballymena
biffer big ugly woman
bleeting crying
blether talkative person
boggin very dirty
boke vomit
bone arra red indian weapon
bout ye how are you
breed bread
bucket bake big mouth
bull-fast Belfast
carr-it carrot. Not much difference when you spell it, but try saying 'carrot' in our accent, then get a Scottish/English person to say it! Huuuge difference.
cassie the front yard
catch yersel on form of instruction to stop and think about the matter in hand
champ dish made from potatoes, butter and scallions
chape low price
clabber mud
claigs horse flies
clatter a clatter of - several
clicked see 'get aff wae'
clipe-clash tell tale
clock beetle
clod throw stones
cloot cloth, dishcloth
clout hard smack or thump
coddin' joking
coo cow
coup overturn
crabbit bad tempered
cribbon type of hairy crab
dae do
dander stroll
deid dead
deif deaf
dinnae dae that stop that
dole On the 'dole', where you get your money from when unemployed, also known as the 'burroo'!
dolled-up dressed up
dour serious, cross
dreegh damp and dreary
dug dog
duncher cloth cap
dunnerheed someone who has had a knock to the head.
dunno don't know
dunt e.g. He got a right 'dunt' when he tripped.
eejit idiot
ekker (exercise) homework
fadge potato bread
fae (frae) from
ferninst close to, against, nearby
flar flower/flour!
foofin crying
footer (futer) to fiddle about
footerer person who footers
foundering cold
freen a a relative of
fur coat nay knickers pretending to be rich but their not
ganch someone who talks rubbish
gaulder shout
geg eg 'he's a geg!'- he's quite the joker/he's pushing his luck
gellick an earwig
gern cry
get aff wae see 'clicked'
gi'e us give me a hand
glar-bed rotting seaweed
glory hole room under stairs
goat idiot- not to be confused with farmyard animal.
grannymush hairy caterpillar
greetin = crying
gulder shout
gulpin young fool
gutters soft mud
gutties plimsoles
gye very
hack state - as in "look at the hack of thon dirty hallion"
hae have
hallion one from Hell (hellion)
hame home
heid head
het hot
hinnae have not
hirplin limping
hoagin' smelly
hoke dig with hands
huld your wiish be quiet
hunner 1 hundred, 2 hundred etc
ignernt rude, doesn't know any better
jaa box the sink
jeg as in 'gies a wee jeg o' that' - a bit of
ke-arr car
keigh what we all like to talk on a daily basis.
kerfuflin hugging & kissing
kin related to
knowed knew
Learn Apparently where we all come from. Town at start of Antrim Coast Road, Gateway to Caledonia.
lee leave
lock several
lonen lane
luckpenny discount
mair more
marlies marbles
midden manure heap
mind remember
mingin rotten or dirty
mitch play truant
na no
nae not - as in hadnae, hasnae, didnae, wouldnae, cannae
nane none
newp new penny
numbskull not very clever
nyuck to steal
o of
onder under
onderstand understand
ony any
onythin anything
oxters armpits
pachle clumsy person
pad path
par power
pech gasp for air
peece (piece) as in "peece 'n jam"
poke cone (ice cream or sweeties)
potato bread not to be confused with 'tattie scones' as they're known in Scotland. Potato Bread is the proper name! :)
pruttas potatoes
puddock frog (rural)
quare good
Rake- a lot of something
reek smoke
rookied showed one's superiority at playing marbles
reddin' as in 'reddin' up the house, tidying up.
sail ride (in car)
sarlix sorrell
scawldy newly hatched bird still in nest
scullery kitchen
scunner sicken
seough ditch
sharr shower
skelf splinter
skelp slap (I'll skelp yer arse)
skite slap (I'll skite ye roon the ear)
skitter brat
slabber drool
slap country saying for entrance to a field
slarry cover roughly with wet stuff
sleekit sly
slider wafer ice cream
slooter a slovenly slouching person/making a loud noise drinking liquids
snotter drip at nose
spoot water tap
spraghel get up/change position in a clumsy manner
sprick small stickleback/fish
Sput spitting image
starvin hungry
stap stop
stocious very drunk
stoor dust
spacer nutter
tae tea (cup o')
tar tower
taste amount as "wee taste o' cement"
teemin' raining
the day today
the morra tomorrow
thole tolerate
thon that
thonder yonder
thran awkward
throughother untidy
tippit Teapot
toatie small
tungin being told off
wallicks welks
wee small
wee doll small woman/girl
wee'un or wee yin - child
whammel beat (a person)
whatterick (rural) weasel
wheeker a superb effort
wheen many
wheng leather bootlace
white lemonade lemonade
whole wheen very many
wi with
wouldn'ae hae it near me I find it quite repulsive...
y'know punctuation (used instead of a full stop)
ye you
yin one
youse plural of 'you' - gramatically incorrect but used ALL the time.


These definitions originated as a Facebook doc on The Memories of Larne Group but have been copied across here for posterity.